Love Your Garden Community Scheme


If you know someone who loves their garden but is unable to get outside and tend to it themselves for whatever reason - be that as a result of older age, lack of money, ill health or even time poor from being a single parent, please consider clicking on the envelope icon on the “contact us” page and send us an email detailing why you think we should pick you or your nominated person to receive our Love Your Garden community award.

The Love Your Garden community award is given out once a month and the winner will receive, as a one off visit, the services of the Lawns & Leaves gardening team entirely for free. 

We believe in the value and power of nature to heal. The idea behind this scheme is to enable people who love their garden or communal outdoor space who can’t currently enjoy it to its fullest, for whatever reason, to get back outside and relax in a healthy environment or to simply be able to look outside their window and appreciate their garden looking its best once more.

 We are based in Surrey and so please take this into consideration when making your nomination. Also, preference is given to nominees who would not normally be in a position to afford to pay for the luxury of a gardening services company themselves. 

Please be aware that due to the demand of this scheme, application does not guarantee success.